Monday, February 21, 2011

And then there were two.

The second egg has arrived! It's a little bigger than the first, and let me say... I had to work for it.

I was opening up the coop this morning to fetch the newly laid egg, and Checkers darted out into the yard. With sleep in my eyes and my pajamas still on, I chased that little bird around the yard for a good five minutes before grabbing her and tossing her back into the run. I'm sure it would've been rather amusing had there been an audience. I love having the ladies roam around in the yard, but they get a taste of freedom and crave more and more. And they're fast.

At any rate, Mr. Baker and I had a ceremonious feast for our first eggs. We fried up some Niman Ranch center-cut bacon and fried those huevos preciosos in melted butter.

The eggs were scrumptious. And we're certainly not biased. At all. Rich, buttery and yolky: NOM!


  1. Awesome, indeed! I want a coop, but am afraid the chicks may not get along with my pups. Or neighbors.