Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet the Motley Crew

Last Sunday, we started a family. We picked up our three little ladies in Livermore at the Bay Area Hay and Feed, brought them home in the back seat of my car (in a cardboard box, of course), and let 'em loose in their new home.

Without further ado, let's meet these hot chicks:

This is the Notorious R.E.D. She's a Rhode Island Red and about a year old. She's a thug and the queen of the coop. She doesn't like the other birds even looking in the general direction of her tasty treats.

This is Checkers Gridiron Baker. She's a Barred Plymouth Rock and around seven to nine months old. She's really curious, and is itching to explore the back yard.

Then there's Garuda. <sigh> She's the coop bitch at only five months old and 2/3 the size of Notorious. She's a purty Ameraucana, and will supposedly lay blue-shelled eggs (if she doesn't die of starvation or pecking by the other two hens). She's a bit of a fraidy cat (with good reason), and is seen here jumping to the rafters of the run to get out of R.E.D.'s way.

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